D S Fashion Sophisticated Boutique offers clothing and accessories for work and leisure for everyday women who wants to look fashionable and sophisticated. Our mission is to provide affordable, timeless, meticulously crafted clothing and accessories with great quality for regular and plus size women. Sustainability is our commitment. Join our exclusive Fashionista Club for styling tips and savings. Consistency is our hallmark. Welcome to affordable fashion.

  • Get Comfy and Cozy In Our Loungewear

    Indulge in Luxe Lounging: Unwind in Our Ivory & Olive Loungewear Set, the Epitome of Comfort and Style! these sets are designed for the ultimate relaxation without compromising on style. Perfect for cozy evenings at home or PJ parties. Limited Availability!

  • Go Bold and Organic with the Tagua Jewelry Collection.

    Introducing our Tagua Nut Jewelry Collection – a captivating fusion of elegance, sustainability, and social impact. Each piece in this collection, from the Florence Key Lime Necklace to the bold and vibrant Statement Necklaces, are meticulously handmade by skilled artisans in Ecuador. Notably, our jewelry is crafted by talented artisans with autism, creating a meaningful partnership that supports their families and showcases their unique talents.

    Embrace the beauty of Ecuador with our eco-friendly tagua shapes, showcasing the natural grain and vibrant hues of the Tagua Nut. The collection includes adjustable necklaces, such as the Ursula Necklace, offering a personalized fit and a statement of fearless individuality.

    Committed to sustainability, our jewelry features faux leather cords and organic vegetable dyes, ensuring cruelty-free and environmentally conscious choices. The inherent uniqueness of each piece, due to the nature and size of the tagua nuts, adds an authentic touch to your accessory collection.

    With every purchase from our Tagua Nut Jewelry Collection, you not only adorn yourself with sophistication but also contribute to a socially responsible initiative. Join us in supporting autistic artisans in Ecuador, celebrating their skills, and making a positive impact on their families and communities