About Us

Fashion sophisticated Boutique originates from D S- Fashion Sophisticated Boutique in the town of Mandeville Jamaica, by two sisters who loves fashion, beauty, literature and culture and are always seeking to express their unique style.  We aspire to assist everyday women and girls to express their uniqueness, feel empowered, confident and beautiful no matter who they are. It's the story of a woman’s search for the perfect outfit and accessory, one that she will love and makes her feel special, beautiful and embodies decadence and sophistication.

We have big aspirations, great ideas and a penchant for seeking out timeless, classic, and on trend clothing and accessories with designer look and quality without the hefty price tag for work and leisure.  Quality, affordability and fit is our philosophy.

Fashion Sophisticated is the brand for every woman regardless of age and lifestyle.  We feature clothing that are chic comfortable and affordable allowing women to carry out their daily routine with comfort and confidence. We are happy to assist you because we believe that beauty, confidence, empowerment and positive thinking lies within everyone and can be nurtured and expressed by our attire.  We guarantee the quality of our products. Shop with confidence. shop with us.